Moo - almost, but not quite, two thirds of Moose

By Matt S Trout (‎mst‎) from,,,
Date: Monday, 20 August 2012 14:30
Duration: 40 minutes
Target audience: Intermediate

Moose is one of my favourite things to happen to perl in the last five
years, but the startup overhead and additional dependencies can be hard
to justify for very small projects.

So I asked myself ... "what's the smallest portion of Moose that I could
get by with, that would be easy to build so that when I load Moose my
classes can transparently upgrade themselves?".

The result is Moo - which provides most of the basic syntax of Moose -
and rather than trying to reinvent the MOP part, remembers enough to
make you a Moose::Meta::Class if you decide you need one later.

In this talk, I'll go over exactly which bits of Moose it provides, which
bits it doesn't (this list is longer :), why, and how it's built from
the ground up to be the right answer to "I want something smaller than Moose".

Attended by: Philippe Bruhat (‎BooK‎), Alberto Simões (‎ambs‎), Karl Gaissmaier (‎Charly‎), mirod, Aaron Crane (‎arc‎), Salve J. Nilsen (‎sjn‎), Leo Lapworth (‎Ranguard‎), Abe Timmerman (‎abeltje‎), Nuno Carvalho (‎smash‎), Diego Kuperman (‎diegok‎), Arjen Laarhoven, Dmitry Karasik (‎McFist‎), Norbert Csongrádi (‎Bert‎), Søren Lund (‎slu‎), Markus Pinkert (‎Bedivere‎), Sören Laird Sörries, Roman Baumer (‎rba‎), Aristotle, Steffen Winkler (‎STEFFENW‎), Martin Becker (‎martin‎), Tobias Kremer (‎soulchild‎), Francoise Dehinbo (‎franky‎), Todd Rinaldo (‎toddr‎), Stevan Little (‎stevan‎), Darko Obradovic, Eric Johnson (‎kablamo‎), Michael Jemmeson (‎michael‎), Herbert Breunung (‎lichtkind‎), Nicolas Mendoza (‎nicomen‎), Luís Miguel Braga (‎microft‎), Claudio Ramirez (‎nxadm‎), Henk van Oers (‎hvoers‎), Francisco Lourenço (‎fml‎), Matthias Zeichmann, Magnus Zeisig (‎magnuz‎), Carlos Juan Diaz (‎cjuan‎), Oskari Ojala (‎Okko‎), Hilko Bengen (‎hillu‎), Alex Timoshenko, Dominic Humphries (‎djh‎), Gunnar Koppel (‎wk‎), Snorri Briem, Fabian Zimmermann (‎fobs‎), Hans Ophüls (‎hop‎), Anne Thorniley, Mike Eve, Minesh Patel, Christian Walde (‎Mithaldu‎), Nicolas Rochelemagne (‎atoomic‎), Matthias Bloch (‎maettu‎), Dirk Joos (‎Dirk80‎), David Farrell (‎dnmfarrell‎), Farhad Fouladi, Jean, Adina Iulia Dumitru, Mirela Iclodean, Anders Melchiorsen, Jesper Dalberg, Johann Rolschewski (‎jorol‎), Tri Duong Tran, david dunnington, Jeroen Visser (‎jvisser‎), Herbert Leitz, Tudor Crisan,
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