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Early Birds Dinner

Let's meet from 8pm for a casual dinner, informal talks, beers or wine or...

The place is:
Le Maldoror
10 rue du Grand Prieuré
Paris, 11th district
(the HQ of the

Subway Station Oberkampf -- Subway M5 M9
Subway Station République -- Subway M3 M5 M8 M9 M11
Subway Station Filles du Calvaire -- Subway M8

Google maps

Openstreet map (below "La Pharmacie")

- eggs, delicatessen, sardines, cheese (yes as starter), seasonal vegetables
main dish: choose any of
- chili (two kinds: with beef or veggy)
- andouillette (spicy pork chittlins sausage)
- chicken with curry sauce
- tarts

We'll stay up to midnight... or more.

I will come:

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