About Quack and Hack

The Quack and Hack was initally started by DuckDuckGo in 2012 to promote Perl and their Open Source Contribution platform DuckDuckHack. The first one was July 2012 at the DuckDuckGo Headquarter in Paoli, Pennsylvania, US.

The combination of talks and a hackathon is very unique in the Perl community and will hopefully get a nice tradition :). The advantage here is to directly put the experience gained from the talk into production and have the ability to talk with the people who know the topic, if there is any upcoming problem.

The tradition now continues with the Quack and Hack 2012 Europe which gets supported by Les Mongueurs de Perl and Dijkmat BV in addition to DuckDuckGo.

In 2013, DuckDuckGo will make the Quack and Hack 2013, this time probably not at the DuckDuckGo Headquarter and more likely at some conference center around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US. Traditionally it will be near the time of the YAPC::NA, where the date is not yet announced. Hopefully we get enough support 2013 also to make a Quack and Hack 2013 Europe :-).