Quack and Hack 2012 Europe

Welcome to the Quack and Hack 2012 Europe! This event will introduce you to Perl basics, with a focus on modern and high efficient Perl. It's targetting Perl beginners who want to learn surrounded by helping hands of professional Perl developers.

The event takes place from Friday, December 7 till Sunday, December 9. We call it Quack and Hack because on Saturday, December 8 we will have talks (Quack) that introduce Perl itself and some good libraries you should work with. On Friday and Sunday we will have a common Hackathon, where People can work on their Perl projects and we encourage the people to make CPAN modules and so get part of the huge Perl community, everything you need to learn to get a CPAN producer will be there! Of course you can also start making some plugins for real world products like DuckDuckGo via their DuckDuckHack developer platform.

Additionally, on Saturday, December 8, we will have a social event sponsored by DuckDuckGo at some restaurant near location that will be specified soon, so free food and free drinks!

The event is at the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie-Universcience in Paris, France and takes part in the Carrefour Numérique inside there.

It's from 9:30 to 18:30

At the hackathon days itself, we offer free catering, so breakfast, snacks, drinks and enough food to survive the day -- all the time to hack without thinking about necessities :). The event is generally laid out as free event, but we want to assure committment with a small fee of 20 EUR that have to be paid in front. If required, we will pay you this money back at location, else it will go into another social event for more free beer :).

If you have any questions, email us at info@quackandhack.com.

Please register for the event here.