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For many tasks there are multiple modules on CPAN that you could consider using. Over time the criteria that I use when selecting a module have evolved. Working to obtain and then retain ISO 27001 certification has prompted me to re-evaluate the modules our code relies on, and think about the the problem slightly differently.

In this talk I'll try and define reliability, which is more than just the code quality of a distribution. What does this mean when you're selecting a module to use, and what does it mean to you as a CPAN author?

If you're a user of CPAN, I hope this will help you think about the modules you rely on, and how to choose between different candidates. If you're a CPAN author, or thinking of becoming one, I hope this will help you think about things beyond the core functionality of your module. If you're an experienced Perl developer or CPAN author, maybe you'll be add some ideas, or just heckle.

I hope there's something in this talk for everyone, regardless of your level of experience. 

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