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Is Perl a suitable language for game development?
How do some common programming patterns translate to Perl 5?
What is the state of game development in Perl 5?
And should we care about it?

These are some of the questions I set out to try to answer for myself while developing a complete proof-of-concept game.

I'll talk about what I've learned along the way.

No previous experience in game development is required. Some concepts will be explained with reference to Moo / Moose code, so some familiarity with these frameworks might be beneficial, but by no means required.

The talk will be separated into three sections:

A review of the state of the art of game development in Perl 5, with a specific look at previous efforts and the challenges that are still to overcome.

A brief presentation and overview of some common programming patterns (as described by Robert Nystrom in his Game Programming Patterns book), with examples of how they can translate to a Modern Perl environment.

And finally: a rallying cry for other game developers to jump in!

The middle section will be the only to feature code examples. Since I won't have a lot of time to go into the details, the talk will assume that Perl 5 code will not be completely unfamiliar to audience members. That said, the talk should be valuable even if you are more inexperienced, because the code examples will be there more to show that something _can_ be done, rather than to show how _it should_ be done. 

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