20 minutes



I attempted to train a neural network to do my job. Come to my talk and find out how I got on!

My job consists primarily of two things - talking to people, and writing code. Through the use of recurrent neural networks, I can imitate the way I talk and the way I code by feeding the network examples of what I've written before.

In this talk, I'll explain the journey I went on in order to gather examples of things I've written, feed them to a neural network, and then use it to imitate myself. I'll also go over some ways this could be expanded and *maybe* find a practical use, and the handy automation tool I built to help other people attempt to do this:

Attendees need no previous experience of Perl or artificial intelligence. The talk includes a bit of shell, plus some Perl, and a single slide of JavaScript.

This is an extended version of the lightning talk I gave at the tech meet in May. 

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