Get a free LPW 2019 t-shirt or hoodie!

05/10/19 15:27 by Katherine Spice

For the last couple of years we've produced LPW t-shirts based on the registration list.

However, we've had really mixed feedback: some people love their branded shirts and wear them all the time, some people have more than enough t-shirts and would rather we didn't produce them, and some people would like to have the option of a hoodie instead of a t-shirt, because this is autumn in London after all!

So, this year we're going to do it a little differently. If you want a free t-shirt or hoodie*, you'll need to specifically email us and tell us. Your email should state t-shirt or hoodie, style (mens/womens), and size and must arrive before 09:00 BST Monday 14th October 2019. All emails will be acknowledged, so if you don't get confirmation, please follow up.

T-Shirts (logo on front)

  • S (36-38 inch chest)
  • M (38-40 inch chest)
  • L (41-42 inch chest)
  • XL (43-44 inch chest)
  • 2XL (45-47 inch chest)
  • 3XL (47-49 inch chest)
  • 4XL (50-52 inch chest)
  • 5XL (53-55 inch chest)

  • S (UK Size 8)
  • M (UK Size 10)
  • L (UK Size 12)
  • XL (UK Size 14)
  • 2XL (UK Size 16)

Hoodie (logo on back)

  • S (36 inch chest)
  • M (40 inch chest)
  • L (44 inch chest)
  • XL (48 inch chest)
  • 2XL (52 inch chest)

* If you really can't decide between them, make a £10 donation to the Workshop via your registration in ACT and you can have one of each.

Please encourage your friends and colleagues to sign up this week (before 09:00 BST Monday 14th October) to get their t-shirt or hoodie! And thanks to our awesome sponsors for making it possible for us to do this in the first place.

Bronze and Community:

More information about all of our valued sponsors is available on our sponsors page.