Come to the London Perl Workshop, write better code!

22/09/19 21:38 by Katherine Spice

We’re kicking off our trailers for LPW 2019 with two talks that will improve the code you write!

Dave Cross will be talking about Measuring the Quality of your Perl Code. As Dave says, we'd all like to write "better" code, but how do you know what "better" means, and how do you know how well your current code scores on whatever scale you choose? His talk on the same topic was standing room only at TPC in Riga this year, so be sure to come along to learn about possible measures for the quality of your code and ways to incorporate these into your development process.

Lance Wicks jokes that he "speaks Perl 6, just with a heavy Perl 5 accent". His Perl 6, losing your Perl 5 accent session will describe losing that accent and writing more idiomatic code, making sure you don’t miss out on some of the great parts of Perl 6. This will involve taking some working Perl 6 code written in a Perl 5 style and changing it to be more Perl 6 like - Lance notes that audience participation may be required!

More great talks will be announced soon - the deadline for talks is Monday 30th September so there’s still time to submit a proposal. And if you haven’t yet signed up for LPW 2019, and can make it to central London on Saturday 19th October then register here. It’s free, and it’s going to be a fun day!

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