Call For Papers: London Perl Workshop 2019

09/08/19 10:30 by Tom Hukins

The London Perl Workshop is a free one-day conference about Perl and related subjects. This year's event takes place on Saturday 19th October at David Game College near Aldgate and we want you to submit talk proposals.

We want to hear about what you and the people you know have been doing with Perl and related tools. We encourage people of any age, background or circumstance to speak at our conference.

Attendees want to hear about Perl 5, Perl 6 and anything else that might interest people who use Perl.

It's a busy day, so we prefer talks lasting 5, 10 or 20 minutes, but we also accept longer talks. If you want to discuss ideas or have questions, write to us at We're keen to support conventional presentations as well as less common ideas such as speakers presenting together.

Finally, if you like to hear someone in particular talk, please tell us, and encourage the knowledgeable, interesting people you know to submit talks.

We are more likely to accept talks submitted early. See you on the 19th of October!

Bronze and Community:

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