On the Subject of WiFi

17/11/16 14:25 by Mark Keating (‎mdk‎)

There is a tradition, or maybe it is an old charter, at the London Perl Workshop of us not providing WiFi preferring to allow our guests to immerse themselves in the talks of the day. Yes, dear readers, we were suppurating in an antediluvian daydream.

For in these newly-fangled times, with connectivity layered on the world via microwave blanket and portable smart devices, we are barely out of a 3G/4G safety net making mockery to such high flung ideals. So, this being understood, we have flung them and engaged in conversation both high and lowly.

In the next logical step of this process we have allowed sponsors Eligo and CV Library to secure some WiFi passes for the day. They will be handing these out liberally to anyone with a name and an email address on the morning (and maybe through the day) of the event.

Rumour has it that 100 happy souls will have a daily pass to Eduroam, but rumours have been known to be misguided and there may be some stolen by overly-zealous organisers. For those of you that get access, use it wisely. With internet access comes almost a reduction in zero to responsibility.



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