Pre-Event Social

15/11/16 18:44 by Mark Keating (‎mdk‎)

In the tradition of many technical events of yore, and of long standing stead in the London Perl Workshop annals I present to you the pre-Event Social.

This year the wonderful Rick Deller, Leader, LPW Organiser-in-waiting and Eligo Oligarch* has booked us a space in the Smuggler's Tavern.

Starting from 18:00 on Friday 2nd December, though get there early if you want to, and running until the last few stragglers leave. The pub is self-described as a 'Charming Independent' purveyor of foamy beers in the 'Heart of Fitzrovia'. To our celebrated palates there is at least a broad selection of frothy substances.

The Smuggler's Tavern is better known for its rum cocktails which you will no doubt wish to at least discuss, though our erstwhile leader will be trying at least a Black Mojito.

We hope to see a goodly number of you there and make sure you don't allow Messers Evans and Keating to imbue too many drinks as they are both on, in another fine tradition, in the early morning.

The Smuggler's Tavern Website

* Not really but it sounded way cooler than Eligo Elite/ist



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