Geek University Return as Workshop Sponsors

16/08/16 10:49 by Mark Keating (‎mdk‎)

Continuing their close association with the London Perl Workshop for another year Geek University will be running two practical workshops at this year’s event. The courses run by Andrew Solomon will be introductory lessons in Perl and the popular Perl framework Dancer.

As a bonus to completing either course you'll get two free weeks to continue your studies at Geekuni.

This is a great chance to introduce someone new to Perl, or to learn a new framework for those already experienced. The courses will run on the day of the workshop alongside our regular presentations.

Crash course on Perl, the Universe and Everything

In this class software developers will learn what Perl 5 is, and how to use it for everything from scripts to web services. They will understand how it is evolving as a language, and why there are new projects based on it.

Ultimately, the attendees will decide whether they too have Prognostic Evidence of Regressive Laziness. It will be a hands-on training session going from "Hello World" to experimentation with:

  • choosing between Object Oriented systems
  • using and writing web services within a Model-View-Controller framework
  • installing CPAN modules to make use of various other web services

Prerequisites: Experience with:

  • Any programming language
  • Bash/Linux command line interface
  • A text editor like vi/emacs/pico

Learn Web Development with Dancer2 (Part One)

A hands-on training session where you'll develop a website with dynamic content. In doing the exercises you will:

  • Learn about Dancer2 as a framework and as a language
  • Implement route handlers using sessions and hooks
  • Implement views, templates and layouts using Template Toolkit and Bootstrap
  • Understand the concept of Model-View-Controller
  • Experience structuring code for maintainability
  • Experience using object oriented Perl modules
  • Understand all the crazy jargon above!

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of:

  • Perl (no need for OO Perl)
  • Bash/Linux command line interface
  • A text editor like vi/emacs/pico



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