Why Perl 5 {is, isn't} a Scheme

By Paul Evans (‎LeoNerd‎) from London.pm
Date: Saturday, 12 December 2015 09:10
Duration: 50 minutes
Target audience: Any
Language: English
Tags: scheme

A comparison between the seemingly-different languages of Perl 5 and Scheme, looking at where they are similar and where they differ

(A rerun of the talk I presented at YAPC::EU 2015, but suffered at the time from a faulty projector.)

Attended by: Kaitlyn Parkhurst (‎SymKat‎), Paul Evans (‎LeoNerd‎), Christian Jaeger (‎pflanze‎), David Potttage, Job van Achterberg (‎jkva‎), Smylers, Borkur Gudjonsson, Anatolie Mazur (‎Mask‎), vytas, Daniel Collins (‎solemnwarning‎), Mihai Pop, David Wickens, James Mastros (‎theorbtwo‎), Andreas Specht (‎ac0v‎), AndrĂ© Walker,



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