with Martin Berends - Parallel Processing Performed Properly in Perl on Pi (120 mins)

By John Davies from London.pm
Date: Saturday, 12 December 2015 13:30
Duration: 60 minutes
Target audience: Any
Language: English
Tags: cloud https parallel pi systemd

Speakers: John Davies & Martin Berends
Starting with throwaway code used to demonstrate the existence and power of Perl to the second London Raspberry Jam, the issues of parallel processing will be explored. The improprieties of the original code and the techniques to correct them will be discussed.

The original code will be expanded with HTTPS and systemd into a cloud-like parallel processing system.

A game will be used to demonstrate the speed differences of using parallel processing on a cluster of Raspberry Pis. In the final section, the bulletin board-like characteristics of the system will be emulated by playing the game against the cluster, with any members of the audience who want to taking the part of individual computers organised by Martin, playing the part of the board.

Attended by: Eitan Schuler, Job van Achterberg (‎jkva‎), Daniel Collins (‎solemnwarning‎), Soydaner Ulker, Lance Wicks, Fox Reymann, Pavel Vodopyan, Edward Higgins, Jasmine Ngan, John Harrison (‎JohnGH‎),



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