A Call for Volunteers

09/12/15 21:22 by Mark Keating (‎mdk‎)

As always the London Perl Workshop is an event entirely reliant on the generosity of volunteers and sponsors.

So I come to ask for volunteers for the running of the day. We need people to help set up, fetch, carry, chair rooms and clean up (basically there's a lot of small and odd jobs that many hands moving make it quick and easy work).

If you are able to come and help, the Shadowcat team with the Chief Overlord will be on site from around 07:45 onwards and we would love if people could help us put up signs etc. The main day starts at 09:00 and registration starts at 08:30 - so people are needed to help get us ready and direct arrivers as there are exams in the same building on the same day.

A Word of Thanks

For the past two years we have also run a 'donate what you want' system on the registration for those who are able, and willing, to donate to the running costs.

Each year we collect a little more and I am proud to say that this year was a record year for those donations. Thank you all, this contribution will be used to help sponsor this event and other events in the Perl calendar.



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