Jonathon Worthington to Keynote at London Perl Workshop

19/11/15 11:14 by Mark Keating (‎mdk‎)

We are proud to announce that this year we will have a Keynote presentation from the renown Jonathan Worthington on Perl6. Jonathan has been a key contributor to the Perl6 project for almost a decade.

Jonathan’s influence on the project, community and development is not easily measured, but what is a known quantity is the level of experience he brings when speaking on the subject.

“It has been a long beginning for Perl6. Years of design, implementation, re-design, and re-implementation, left many wondering if the beginning would be eternal. They say in software you should plan to build one to throw away, because you will anyway. It turns out that "one" can be overly optimistic.

But, finally, we have reached the end of the beginning. The point where the quest for the perfect Perl6 has become the clear enemy of the really rather good Perl6 we have. And, critically, the point where keeping Perl6 user's production code working between releases will take a firm priority over language improvement.

In this session I'll look back over my eight years of involvement in the Perl6 project, share some of my favorite examples of Perl6 code from my talks over the years (and probably some new ones), provide hints on how to dive into the language, and take a look at what lies ahead.”

About Jonathon

Jonathan is a key contributor to Perl 6 development. He is the creator and architect of MoarVM, serves as a lead Rakudo Perl 6 developer, and has made extensive contributions to the object model, type system, and concurrency support.



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