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As always we are looking for Sponsors to join us at the London Perl Workshop.


Each year we are required to fund the conference rooms, lecture theatres and workshop rooms, as well as arrange and cover the costs for many other activities normally associated with the London Perl Workshop such as the famous sponsored beer after the conference. We will once again be hosted by the Department of Electronic, Communication and Software Engineering who have secured us a generous discount on the normal university room rates and who will hopefully play a greater part in the event this year with activities that coincide with the workshop.

If you wish to sponsor the event we have several basic packages (others packages may be tailored to your specific needs), please forward this to all sponsors or persons you feel would be willing to help sponsor this event:

All Sponsors

(minimum sponsorship £250) will receive:
  • A page on the wiki;
  • Their logo on the website and in all related marketing;
  • A write-up by Mark in all advertising and related promotion;
  • A page in the Conference Booklet (A5);
  • Their logo in the back of the conference booklet;
  • Their logo on the Conference banner;

Lecture Room Sponsors

(Sponsorship cost: £500 each room, Minimum: 1 room) will receive all the above and:
  • The ability to brand the room with posters/banners advertising them;
  • A fifteen minute introductory spot in their room on any subject they wish;

Workshop Room Sponsors

(Sponsorship cost: £500 each room, Minimum: 3 rooms) will receive all the above and:
  • The ability to brand the room with posters/banners advertising them;
  • A fifteen minute introductory spot in their room on any subject they wish;

Lecture Hall Sponsors

(Sponsorship cost: £1000 each room, Minimum: 2 lecture theatres) will receive all the above:
  • Their logo given prime position on the Conference banner (Larger and near the top)
  • Brand the lecture theatre with their promotional material;
  • A 20 minute slot at the conference (in a lecture theatre) on any subject they wish;

Coffee Break Sponsor

(Sponsorship cost: £500)
  • Ability to brand the coffee area with posters/banners (needs to be negotiated for what will be allowed)

Evening Sponsors

(Principal Evening Sponsorship cost: £1,000, Minimum: 1 event needed) as 'All Sponsors' plus:
  • Ability to brand the pub with posters/banners (needs to be negotiated for what will be allowed)
  • A 10 minute slot to address the crowd (they will be drinking your beer and food so expect cheering/noise)

Marketing Sponsor

(Sponsorship cost: £2,000, Minimum: 1 needed - Taken by Eligo) as 'All Sponsors' plus:
  • Their Logo given prime position on the Conference banner (Larger and near the top)
  • Their logo on the front page of the conference booklet - as sponsor of the booklet
  • Principal promotion opportunities to be discussed with the sponsor

As always if more than one companies wish to join together and have a room together 2*£250 minimum, they will both be allowed to brand the room with posters and the time slot will be shared. We are also open to discussing other ways to integrate your promotion and ideas into the conference. We would be delighted if you wish to attend or promote yourcompany further, run job advertising/recruitment.

If you wish to sponsor less than the "minimum" sponsorship we can discuss an appropriate package to suit your sponsorship. My intention is to begin promoting the event as soon as possible to maximise the exposure of the conference and of our sponsors.

We will also accept small donations from the community and more information on this will follow in a later release.


We have several sponsors who have already joined us at this time:


We are a niche boutique recruitment consultancy with a team of dedicated Perl Consultants. We live and breathe our markets. In fact we like to think we are as passionate about the sector as those who work within it. If you want proof of it stop by and meet Rick Deller one of our Senior Perl Consultants.

Because we understand the market shifts, history and challenges, we are able to provide honest and accurate insight into the market in terms of new entrants to the market, company growth, new products, opportunities, candidate availability, salary surveys, industry standards, competitor information etc. We are able to find you the right person and/or job whether you are looking for-Permanent, Temporary and Fixed Term Contracts

We specialise in and have experience in recruiting Perl Specialists across a wide range of sectors, roles typically include: Junior Developers - Senior Developers - Lead Developers - DevOps - Development Managers - Head of IT Whether you are looking for a role or a candidate in the UK, Europe or US, we can help.

Enlightened Perl Organisation

The Enlightened Perl Organisation is dedicated to the promotion of Perl (in particular Raptor Perl or Perl 5) as a production language that is suited to an enterprise environment. The EPO will be providing banking and organisation facilities for the London Perl Workshop for the third year running.


FlossUK the new name for the UK's oldest open source user group (UKUUG). FlossUK have always been keen promoters of the workshop.

Geek University

Learn Perl with Geekuni. Geekuni is an institute providing online courses for learning to develop software using Perl. Every concept is presented in the context of a hands-on exercise and the completion of the course is a fully functional piece of software. Geekuni’s Perl courses take you all the way from writing a simple 'Hello World' script through to developing a search engine and an online game.

With immediate feedback, the community of students and a mentor, the Geekuni student can rapidly acquire real-world Perl coding skills. Each course provides a certificate of completion and a course description clearly defining the skills attained with a good job fit.

Magnum Solutions

Magnum Solutions are Open Source consultancy and training company based in London. Founded in 1995, they have provided Perl consultancy to companies from start-ups to media giants and investment banks.

The company is run by Dave Cross, founder of London Perl Mongers and a well-known figure in the Perl community. In 2004, Dave was awarded the White Camel for his services to Perl.

Magnum have run training courses at most London Perl Workshops. For more details of their in-house training courses or their upcoming public courses, please see their training web site.

Shadowcat Systems

Shadowcat Systems is a developer, sponsor of, and contributor to open source software projects including Catalyst, the elegant web framework, and DBIx::Class, an object-orientated database abstraction library. Shadowcat provides consultancy, training and support for these projects; systems management and automation; the design and implementation of network architecture; the development of proprietary and open source custom web applications; and offers Perl refactoring and project crisis management.

Shadowcat Systems are based in the United Kingdom but we deliver solutions to a global community of clients via onsite supervision along with traditional and internet based communications.

University of Westminster

As last year we are graciously being hosted by Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSSE) at the University of Westminster. We cannot exaggerate how grateful we are for their support of Perl and Open Source in London.

We are looking for new sponsors each year and new ways in which to enhance their profile and further our event. So please do not hesitate to contact us with a sponsorship idea.



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