Toys, toys, toys...

04/11/14 21:30 by Mark Keating (‎mdk‎)

If you have been watching the tweets about this year's London Perl Workshop by our chief organiser, Mark Keating (@shadowcat_mdk), you may have seen him announcing images of some of the fun things we will have to play with at this year's conference.

Some of our attendees will be receiving high-quality Arduino training on the very-fully-booked workshop, and many people will be jealous of them. However for those of you who are not in the Arduino workshop you can head on over to the cafeteria area in the Lower Ground floor next to Registration where Tom Bloor will be hosting the Toys.

We have a range of robotic items for you to play with and maybe to get working with a Perl module or two. You will need to have the latest Arduino software:

Arduino Software

and the Perl that you want to use, though we hope to have a local CPAN distribution with us.

We have:

* 3 MeArms from the people at Phenoptix - powered by an Arduino
* 1 Arduino Robot
* 2 Bump and Go robots (Arduino)

We also hope to have:

* A 3D printer (Mendel Max)
* Microslice Laser cutter/engraver (Kickstarter Edition)

For those of you who just wish to push buttons and play, there will be competitive mini football using our football robot teams 2-10 players (1 to 5-a-side) and our very own remote controlled minion Dave (unless he gets loose and starts to invade the talks).

Make sure you plug your smile in and head down to join in with the maker fun.



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