Name   Mr. Mark Keating (‎mdk‎)
City   Lancaster
Country   United Kingdom
Perl mongers group
Company   Shadowcat Systems Limited
Web page
Mark Keating is an odd male with roughly five decades of chronological competence in his girth. He is married to Leigh a girl of great patience and unsurpassed kawaii-ness. They both live in Lancaster, UK. This is all rather convenient since they are married and have three sons, a cat called Darwin and various tropical fresh-water fish.

Mark Keating stumbled sideways into the magnificent world of Perl by way of linguistics, literature, a publishing company and an undefined close association with Matt Trout.

He is the the managing director of Shadowcat Systems Limited a software development company specialising in open source languages (primarily Perl and Javascript) and modern web technology; secretary of the Enlightened Perl Organisation; chair of the Perl Foundation Marketing Committee; member of the tpf steering committee; member of the Perl Advocacy Group; leader of; Chair of FLOSSUK.

He is responsible for feats of adminion munging such as the organising the London Perl Workshop over 10 times and over a dozen other conferences and events. He is a neophyte evangelist of modern Perl and an advocate of Enlightenment thinking.
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