Another Great Giveaway

03/11/14 14:14 by Mark Keating (‎mdk‎)

Those wonderful people over at O'Reilly have sent a number of prize giveaways' for this year's London Perl Workshop:

1. Mastering Perl - brian d foy (2nd Edition) 2. Arduino Workshop - John Boxall 3. Make: More Electronics 4. Make: Lego and Arduino Projects 5. Make: Getting Started with Sensors 6. Make: Getting Started with Intel Galileo 7. User Story Mapping - Jeff Patton 8. Arduino Cookbook - Michael Margolis 9. Perl One Liners - Peteris Krumins

When attending the London Perl Workshop this Saturday morning please don't forget to pick up your raffle tickets for a chance of winning a book. If you can make it to the Dave Cross' tutorials in London the following week you'll want one of his tickets as well.

Tickets are strictly limited to one per person.



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