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03/11/14 12:30 by Mark Keating (‎mdk‎)

Attendees at the London Perl Workshop over the last few years will have noticed an annual workshop on Dancer and Perl given by Andrew Soloman. Andrew has been a constant supporter of the event and has always supplied his time and expertise to us.

This year Andrew is launching the Geek University to coincide with the London Perl Workshop and as part of that will be offering free 'limited time' places to those students who attend his, and Ian Norton's class:

Learn Perl with Geekuni. Geekuni is an institute providing online courses for learning to develop software using Perl. Every concept is presented in the context of a hands-on exercise and the completion of the course is a fully functional piece of software. Geekuniā€™s Perl courses take you all the way from writing a simple 'Hello World' script through to developing a search engine and an online game.

With immediate feedback, the community of students and a mentor, the Geekuni student can rapidly acquire real-world Perl coding skills. Each course provides a certificate of completion and a course description clearly defining the skills attained with a good job fit. For a 3 day free trial go to:

Geek University

p.s. The first 50 students attending the London Perl Workshop's training sessions will get a two week free trial. Enrol here:

Learning Perl Learning Web Development



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