2nd Quadrant Join the London Perl Workshop

13/10/14 10:37 by Mark Keating (‎mdk‎)

It is our great pleasure to announce that 2nd Quadrant, one of the driving forces in the world of PostgresSQL development and support, has joined the list of Sponsors for this year's London Perl Workshop.


2ndQuadrant is the world’s leading authority on the open source PostgreSQL RDBMS, backed by team experience that collectively is unrivalled. Many of our team are significant contributors to the development of PostgreSQL, with many features found in the current version of the software developed by 2ndQuadrant staff. In fact, more than 10% of the core code has been produced by us and we are the only company to contribute major features into all of the last 10 releases.

We have an unrivalled reputation for providing expertise and services that are focused on customer needs and the highest levels of satisfaction. As a company providing PostgreSQL professional services we’re trusted by some of the biggest global enterprises from every sector but are equally accessible to smaller organisations who need assistance.


There is an extra bonus in that Josette Garcia, formerly of O'Reilly, who has attended many of the London Perl Workshop events is now community manager at 2nd Quadrant and will be representing them at the conference.

We welcome 2nd Quadrant to our event and look forward to seeing them and Josette on the day. If you see Josette please make sure to say hello and thank her for the generous participation of 2nd Quadrant.



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