Exonetric join as Sponsors

09/10/14 11:30 by Mark Keating (‎mdk‎)

Once again the wonderful chaps at Exonetric have joined the London Perl Workshop as sponsors. This year they will be sponsoring some tasty delights to accompany the morning coffee break that is being sponsored by OpusVL.

Exonetric provides a specialist business-grade hosting service with the capacity to manage dozens of servers on a customer's behalf, sited in a first-class data centre and on a first-class network. Alongside this, we provide a unique FreeBSD jail-based hosting service, now offering FreeBSD jails with 1TB of online storage for 30GBP/month+VAT.

We provide consulting for individual projects and reliable hosting services. We provide software development for Internet-facing infrastructure, general purpose Sysadmin skills for in-house projects or for systems outside the Exonetric network. Exonetric also gladly provides support for a variety of Open Source projects.

It is great to have Exonetric back with us in 2014



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