By Jan Hartung (‎Egga‎) from
Date: Thursday, 14 March 2013 14:35
Duration: 20 minutes
Tags: brain clean code compiler maintainability optimization performance readability

Everything is a trade-off: caching vs computing, Perl vs C, DateTime vs unix timestamps, Moose vs Class::Accessor::Fast, vs Dancer, etc. I want to focus on the compromise between code readability and runtime performance: Software developers have lots of degrees of freedom - especially in Perl. Whom are you targeting when writing your code?

Shouldn't our talks be designed for its listeners? Our paintings designed for its viewers? Our texts designed for its readers? Our source codes designed for its compilers?

But who is actually compiling our code? What are those compilers good at? What do they cost? And which payment methods do they accept?

Talk can be held in English or German - depending on the audience.

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