Social Event and optional Dinner

27/01/13 22:59 by Tina Müller (‎tinita‎)

Here are the details for our Social Event and the optional dinner.

Please tell us for both, if you need special options, like vegan food.


On thursday, March 14th, the Social Event will happen, which is included in the workshop ticket. Details on location will follow later. It's quite central and well reachable with public transport (Berlin-Friedrichshain).

We can have up to 150 people there. But initially we will offer it only for workshop participants. If we can see that there will be free places, then it's possible to bring your partner for about 45€.

There will be enough vegetarian food, and it will be labeled. Specials like vegan food we have to order in advance, so please tell us before.


For all who would like to eat together with the other participants on the first evening, or for those who don't know Berlin well yet, we will organize a buffet very close to the workshop, on wednesday, March 13th.

You can book this optional dinner when ordering the workshop ticket. This will help us planning. If you're not sure yet, you can contact us later. We'll try to update the status (if there are still free places) in the wiki.

Please also tell us here if you prefer vegetarian or vegan food.

You can contact the orga team at or write me directly at