Mr. Jose Luis Perez Diez (‎jluis‎)

Perl mongers group


confirmed ‎Why I joined to CPAN PRC and why I keep on it‎ 30 minutes


just one of the first Barcelona Perl Mongers

Attending talks

‎Mocking APIs for Emulation Driven Development‎
‎How to write an API endpoint in 2016‎
‎Writing command line tools made easy‎
‎When you don't want Agile‎
‎Starting up with Perl 6‎
‎Lightning Talks Day 1‎
‎Lightning Talks Day 2‎
‎Lightning Talks Day 3‎
‎Jenkins 101: Getting started‎
‎Karel: Educational programming language‎
‎A local search engine using Elasticsearch and Dancer‎
‎The non-butterfly effect - a universe where Camelia didn't flap her wings‎
‎Error(s) Free Programming‎
‎How to Lie With Benchmarks - Perl 6 is Faster!‎
‎The raptor and the butterfly‎
‎From Debian, with ♥‎
‎Ten Things you Need to Know About Perl 6‎
‎Ref::Util: more than you ever wanted to know about ref()‎
‎Perl 5.24 and the Zen of Motorcycle Maintenance‎
‎How AWS REST APIs work, and how Paws is built‎
‎writing XS in plain C‎
‎No Act on ACT‎
‎Perl, Bioinformatics and the Ensembl Project‎
‎The Metabrik Platform: Rapid Development of Reusable Security Tools‎
‎First months as a new Perl developer‎
‎Running Perl 6 in a SailfishOS phone‎
‎From npm to 'Battle-tested'‎
‎Experience of Perl development for Raspberry PI‎
‎Better Code Review?‎
‎Regexp Mini-Tutorial: Character Classes‎
‎Fraudulent Perl‎
‎Keynote Day 2 - State of the Velociraptor‎
‎Keynote Day 3‎
‎Closing Notes‎