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confirmed ‎Lightning Talks Day 1‎ 60 minutes
confirmed ‎Lightning Talks Day 2‎ 60 minutes
confirmed ‎Lightning Talks Day 3‎ 60 minutes
confirmed ‎Jenkins 101: Getting started‎ 60 minutes
confirmed ‎sudo From a Folder: For the Slightly Trusted User‎ Lightning talk


For many years a Perl Bioinformatics programmer in Philadelphia for a major pharma company helping scientists load, process, analyze and view their data. Now building surveys so your HR department knows what you think.

Keeper of the lighting talks gong.

Geoff really should get a life and go to fewer conferences:
OSCON 1999,2001,2004,2007-11,2013-14
PerlWhirl 1-2
YAPC::NA/TPC::NA 1999-2018
YAPC::EU/TPC::EU 2002-11,2013-18
PittsburghPW 2006-08, 2010-11, 2013-15
FrozenPerl 2010
DC-BaltimorePW 2012-16
= 191 days

This only counts conferences where Perl is the topic or a major track.

Attending talks

‎Symbiosis of Docker and Perl‎
‎A few git bits‎
‎Ref::Util: more than you ever wanted to know about ref()‎
‎Writing command line tools made easy‎
‎How AWS REST APIs work, and how Paws is built‎
‎Keynote Day 1‎
‎Opening - Welcome to YAPC::EU 2016!‎
‎Lightning Talks Day 1‎
‎How to write an API endpoint in 2016‎
‎Closing Notes‎
‎Jenkins 101: Getting started‎
‎Lightning Talks Day 3‎
‎The Metabrik Platform: Rapid Development of Reusable Security Tools‎
‎PONAPI: let's REST‎
‎Go for Perl Programmers‎
‎A local search engine using Elasticsearch and Dancer‎
‎Extending Syntax - Signatures, Operators and Compound Statements‎
‎Mocking APIs for Emulation Driven Development‎
‎Keynote Day 2 - State of the Velociraptor‎
‎Lightning Talks Day 2‎
‎Making your web application work for everyone‎
‎Keynote Day 3‎
‎The non-butterfly effect - a universe where Camelia didn't flap her wings‎
‎A Quick Tour of Swift for Perl Programmers‎
‎Low level details for high level developers‎
‎Refactoring with Statsd, Toggle and Scientist‎
‎Documenting Code - Patterns and Anti-Patterns‎
‎Experience of Perl development for Raspberry PI‎
‎Karel: Educational programming language‎
‎From 5.12 to 5.24: Upgrading a business application‎
‎Regexp Mini-Tutorial: Character Classes‎