Mr. Steffen Winkler (‎STEFFENW‎)

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Since 1960, there is me.

I have been programming Perl since the end of 2000, first private later in job.

In 2005 I came to Erlangen, there was no Perl Mongers group. Right after that they existed.

The German Perl Workshop (gpw) I visit since 2003.
2008, 2012 and 2016 the Erlangen Perl Mongers hosted the a gpw in there area. Next in Erlangen is 2020.

Attending talks

‎CSV with flexible headers (perl5 & perl6)‎
‎A Quick Tour of Swift for Perl Programmers‎
‎Experience of Perl development for Raspberry PI‎
‎Ten Things you Need to Know About Perl 6‎
‎No Act on ACT‎
‎Velociraptor in a Modern World‎
‎Go for Perl Programmers‎
‎The raptor and the butterfly‎
‎Symbiosis of Docker and Perl‎
‎The non-butterfly effect - a universe where Camelia didn't flap her wings‎
‎PONAPI: let's REST‎
‎Opening - Welcome to YAPC::EU 2016!‎
‎Keynote Day 1‎
‎How AWS REST APIs work, and how Paws is built‎
‎Lightning Talks Day 1‎
‎Real-world parsing with Perl 6‎
‎Quantifying creativity: using Perl to analyze the process of writing‎
‎Building the Modern Perl Catalyst Application (Online presentation)‎
‎A decade of dubious decisions‎
‎Bots for Telegram‎
‎Keynote Day 2 - State of the Velociraptor‎
‎Lightning Talks Day 2‎
‎Making your web application work for everyone‎
‎Starting up with Perl 6‎
‎Lightning Talks Day 3‎
‎From 5.12 to 5.24: Upgrading a business application‎
‎Keynote Day 3‎
‎Closing Notes‎
‎Why you want to use Swagger/OpenAPI for your REST API‎
‎Perl 5.24 and the Zen of Motorcycle Maintenance‎
‎Writing Perl extensions in Rust‎
‎Finding dead code, the quick and easy way, with Devel::QuickCover‎