Bologna, 11th-12th October 2012
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Italian Perl Workshop (IPW) 2012 - Frequently Asked Question

How do I get in touch with the organizers?

By e-mail: the organizers can be reached by e-mail at:

By IRC: you can find the organizers on the official channel,, on

How do I buy a ticket?

Registration is easy. If you have participated in a previous Perl event, chances are that you already have an account in the Act system that we use to keep track of things. In that case, just use the "Login" link in the menu on the left. Otherwise, create an account through the "New user" link, again in the menu. Follow the instructions until registration is completed.

You can use the "My IPW" page to buy the Supporter ticket, make a donation, or buy the Attendees' Dinner ticket.

If you find out later that you want to purchase the Attendees' Dinner ticket or some additional items, like maybe another dinner ticket, or make a donation, just follow the "make additional purchases" link again.

Why should I register?

The Italian Perl Workshop is a free event, and it's not necessary to buy a ticket to participate. Anyway, we strongly suggest you register and confirm you participation, both to help us better manage the logistic aspects, and because we don't have unlimited space.

By registering you get:

  • access to all the talks
  • 2 coffee-breaks each day
  • a participation certificate

Of course, if you show up at the event without having registered, we will still do our best to welcome you.

Why do I buy a ticket?

The Italian Perl Workshop is a free event, and it's not necessary to buy a ticket to participate. Our sponsors have been generous enough that we can "almost" afford it.

Organizational costs are (for us) nearly always a problem, and the organizers do their best to always be able to have some guest speakers coming from all over Europe.

In addition, if you want to support the Workshop, you can choose to pay the "Supporter" price. This will help us offer better services and organize events of ever higher quality.

By paying the "Supporter" ticket, you'll also get:

  • Invoice (upon request)
  • "Supporter" attendance certificate
  • A copy of the Pocket Perl book, written by Stefano Rodighiero and published by Apogeo
  • Perl.It Association membership (upon request)

I'm a speaker. Do I have to buy a ticket?

No. Of course, you can buy a ticket, but we will not force you to. Don't worry, we'll give you the T-shirt!

I'm a speaker. Do I have to buy an Attendees' Dinner ticket?

No. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, we are able to offer you the dinner.

I'm a workshop participant. Do I have to buy an Attendees' Dinner ticket?

If you want to be there (and we'd love to have you at dinner with us), you should book your seat at the dinner by purchasing the ticket.

We'd like, for all the people that plan to be at the dinner, to buy their tickets in advance: this will help us in the organization and booking the restaurant.

I'm a "guest" speaker. Do I have to buy a ticket and/or an Attendees' Dinner ticket?


I'm a speaker. Do you have any suggestion?

This year we have many talks, and we will be therefore very strict in enforcing the timetable.

  • If you think that, at the end of your talk, someone could ask some question, include a "Q&A" section in you timings. On average, 5 minutes should bu enough.
  • To help you gauge the time, the organizers will show some signs during you talk:
    • "-20": 20 minutes left
    • "-10": 10 minutes left
    • "Q&A time": 5 minutes left
    • "STOP!": time's up, say goodbye and thank the public
  • If you have prepared slides or a presentation for you talk, remember to bring all necessary adapters to connect your laptop to the projector (VGA port). If you have doubts, ask an organizer, and we'll try to set up a test. You should also bring a PDF copy of your slides on a USB drive: if all else fails, it's a good last-ditch solution.

I see you're using Paypal, but I don't have a Paypal account! How do I pay?

We use Paypal for handling the payment, but Paypal also accepts payments via credit card (VISA, MasterCard, AmEx, maybe others), even if you don't have an account with them.

How are sponsors ordered?

Sponsors are sorted on web pages and on printed material depending on three criteria: category, sponsorhip in money over same-value goods, moment the sponsorship was offered.

I have a question, but it's not in this list!

Send us an a-mail at

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