Perl T20 - The last minute challenges saved by perl

by Raja Renga Bashyam (

Perl T20 - The last minute challenges saved by perl aimed at Any and is held in English. This talk starts on 2023-02-28 at 11:50 for 40 minutes. It takes place at the Room 1.

Generally, need is considered the mother of invention. True to that, during tight targets we always ended-up a lean solution that we did not think of or ignored for long. Those challenging & committed times our mind transcends in all direction, breaks traditional barriers to get a solution.
Those times we often felt of a partner, travels in our wave length will give synergetic energy to overcome the odds. In our case, Perl’s flexibility & multifaceted character shown a way to solve the non-linear challenges.

1. A data munging operation to capture the missed business leads from 1000s of email
2. Implementing an out-of the box outgoing email capturing in a shared hosting account
3. Producing demo document pdfs in 1/10 of the time for a sudden & surprise business proposal
4. Image automation in updating a product image based website with 1/3 of resource and
Revamping a website after 15 years with 1000 of images, gallery automation
5. Defending the cyber incursions of an unknown enemy
6. Data munging for EAV data model in minutes countdown and migrating content between two content management systems

In this cases, Perl’s way for every skill level given way to implement the solution like chasing a tough score game in an incremental way with ups and downs. Most of the scripts now in open-source. We will share the implementation stories and I hope it will give a glimpse of Perl’s versatility in non-linear & constraint scenarios.


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