Updates on Dave Cross's Training Course

By Amalia Aida (‎amalia‎) on 15/07/16 18:14

Monday comes with great news: Dave sent us more details on his Modern web Development with ‪#‎Perl‬ & ‪#‎Dancer‬ training course.

Check out all the details on the YAPC::EU Website && see if it's suitable for you.

If this is the training you've been looking for, you should definitely join Dave Cross on August 23rd & learn Perl in a fun & casual environment! The venue we chose for these activities is an informal one: Cluj Hub. We love it, you will sure love it, too!

Also, feel free to check out the other training courses available at the conference: Perl 6 by Jeffrey Goff && Public Speaking by Liana Precup.