Call For Speakers is ON! Ready to rock YAPC::EUROPE 2016?

By Amalia Aida (‎amalia‎) on 08/07/16 17:07

Big day is here, YAPC::EUROPE is accepting talks as of today. We already had 6 brave speakers submitting their talks, within minutes from launching the website. Now that’s what we call enthusiasm. Well done guys, you deserve a big round of applause!

So yeah, at this rate we’re gonna have a rough time deciding who gets stage time. Oh, who are kidding? #WeWantAllTalksWeCanGet

We made 5 talk slots available for this years’ conference, as follows: the beloved lightning talks, 15 min. slots, 30 min. slots, 60 min. slots && 90 min. slots. So come on, share your experience, amaze us with incredible ideas && practices. We want to have our minds blown about what we had never thought could be possible with Perl. We are looking for talks focused on all parts of Perl.

If you’re looking for inspiration, here it comes: hot Perl topics, hot tech topics (not limited to Perl, necessarily), trends & changes, Perl fundamentals, security, networking, testing, devOps, hardware, big data, Internet of Things, crazy hacks && ideas, gadgets && wearables, community talks, marketing or management talks, UI & UX, outreach programs, start-ups or other ideas you might have. Remember, this is YOUR conference!

Deadline to submit talks: July 15th, 2016. We’re accepting proposals as we go, so the first batches of accepted talks have been already announced.

How to submit: Go to event website, log in or create your account && then add your talk’s details to

What if you’ve never been a speaker && don’t know how to do it:
We’d say don’t worry, everybody has to start somewhere && moreover, we’re not all naturals. You should’ve seen some of us during our first speaking gigs #ProofMisteriouslyDissapeared, luckily!

Or maybe you think you don’t have anything new or special to speak about. Hey, we’re not all here to reinvent the wheel. And we’re sure you can find a billion reasons not to consider yourself #speaker material.

We’d say don’t worry, again, we can help with just about anything you need: help with ideas (based on your experience, of course), help with presentation structure && speaking tips & tricks, send a bunch of videos showing how conference speaking is done, maybe even set you up with one of the experienced speakers in the #Perl community, for some #coaching sessions.

What do you think? Worth thinking about it, right?

For any extra details, we are happy to help at

P.S. If you’ve submitted a talk (or more), don’t forget to tweet, post && blog about it using the event hashtag #yapceu2016

Cheers, we’ll be back with news as-soon-as-they-happen! ,

Conference dates: 24–26 August 2016 Venue: “Iuliu Hatieganu” University of Medicine & Pharmacy Cluj Napoca, Romania