What's happening in Helsinki

Restaurant Day November 15th

Held approximately once every three months, Restaurant Day represents urban culture at its best. Based on voluntary participation and own initiative, anyone can open a popup restaurant for the day. Popular places include parks, street corners and courtyards, as well as private apartments and offices. The inspiration behind the event is to share restaurant experiences, have fun and enjoy the community.

Alternative Party 2014

The day before hackathon, on Saturday 15th of November at 18.00-23.00 there is the Finnish demoscene coders annual demo party the Alternative Party. The party is at the same location, Restaurant boat Wäiski, where the NPW2014 will be held on Monday. The theme of this years party, as it's on a boat, is being pirates!

SLUSH 2014

After the NPW2014 there is one of the leading tech events in the world that brings talented people, startups and investors together. Read more about the SLUSH 2014 event on November 18-19th at the The Helsinki Messukeskus Expo and Convention Centre.

Who's coming

See who have already signed for the workshop in statistics.


See who have already submitted a talk, or two!


Following people are joining us in the hackathon on Sunday at Frantic, Kalevankatu 30, 4th floor. If the downstairs door is locked, call tel:+358107789000 to get in.

Panu Ervamaa (pnu)
Ahti Nurminen (ade)
Mikko Koivunalho
Elizabeth Mattijsen (lizmat)
Wendy van Dijk (woolfy)
Josep Roca
Jussi Kinnula (Spot)
Oskari Okko Ojala (okko)
Ferenc Erki (FErki)
Artur Penttinen
Joakim Granbohm

Getting around in Helsinki

Public transportation

In Helsinki you can easily and cheaply move around with Metro, Tram and Bus. See routes and prices from the Journey Planner:


If you are in a hurry or traveling with your luggage or at an late hour, you can get a local taxi from a taxi stand, or by calling 0100 7300. You can also get a taxi by sending a SMS message to number 13 160, in the message you need to write the city and street address, "HELSINKI KALEVANKATU 30" for example. You will get a reply including the taxi number that has confirmed your ride.

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