The Workshop

LPW is a single day event, with multiple tracks of technical talks and a range of tutorials and training sessions, aimed at both beginner and experienced developers.

We anticipate over 100 attendees, and while most are from the UK, we also get developers from across Europe and beyond. The UK is recognised as having an active and vibrant Perl community and the LPW is a key event on its calendar.

This year LPW is being held at the end of October in central London.

Why sponsor the London Perl & Raku Workshop?

  • Demonstrate your support for the Perl language and nurture your relationship with the local developer community.
  • As a service provider, increase your brand’s visibility to a targeted audience.
  • As an employer, raise awareness for your company and roles, interacting with engaged developers to increase your recruitment profile.
  • Beyond your visibility on the day, we’ll work to promote you to a wider audience through blogging, talk videos, Twitter and other social media channels.

Sponsorship levels

Each level of sponsorship package is designed to maximise your company’s exposure to those attending LPW and the wider Perl community.

  • All sponsor blog posts will be promoted in the Perl Weekly, a newsletter that goes to thousands of Perl developers each week.
  • All sponsors will be thanked at the event, and all attendees blogging about it afterward will be asked to thank all sponsors.

Platinum: £1500 (€1625)

The sole headline sponsor for the event, the Platinum sponsor will have all the benefits of the gold, silver, and bronze packages below, along with:

  • Top billing on the front and sponsor pages of the event website and choice of table location in the attendee break area.

Gold: £1000 (€1100)

All the benefits of the silver and bronze packages below, along with:

  • A dedicated blog post about your support for the event.
  • Your company’s stand with a small roller banner and a table for your swag (e.g. mugs, pens, stickers) in the area where attendees take their tea and coffee breaks. If you can’t attend send us your swag in advance and it will be made available for all attendees.

Silver: £500 (€550)

All the benefits of the bronze package below, along with:

  • Your logo will appear on the front page of the event website.
  • A paragraph about your company on the sponsors page on the event website.
  • A paragraph about your company in a blog post thanking all Silver level sponsors.

Bronze: £250 (€275)

  • Your company name will be listed on the sponsor page.
  • Your logo will appear on any video recordings of talks from the workshop

Additional sponsorship opportunities

If the above packages don’t meet your needs we’re happy to work with you on a custom sponsorship package: get in touch and propose something!

Community rates also available.

More information about all of our valued sponsors is available on our sponsors page.