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Perl 11 is a philosophy with 3 primary tenets and goals:

- "Pluggability At All Levels"

- "Performance At The Speed Of C"

- "Reunification of Perl 5 & Perl 6"

Pluggability (AKA modularity) at all levels of Perl means we need to be able to remove any major component of any Perl language and "plug in" our own replacement module, for either experimental or production purposes. This is a basic architectural goal which will open the doors to virtually unlimited enhancements in Perl security, stability, performance, and features.

Performance at the speed of C(++) means we need Perl to run at (or very near) the speed of optimized and compiled C++ code, currently tied with C and Fortran as the fastest language. Perl is known for being fast at databases and regular expressions, but neither of these features actually benchmarks the Perl core itself, which is demonstrably slower than all other major programming languages. Using advanced technologies such as just-in-time compiling and dynamic-to-static compiling, it may someday be possible to run Perl FASTER than C++, thereby achieving the rank of world's fastest language. Even if pluggability and reunification are achieved, Perl market share will continue to decline until we have the speed of a mature programming language.

Reunification of the Perl 5 and Perl 6 sister languages means Perl 6 will have full backward compatibility with all existing or possible Perl 5 code, including XS and all distributions on CPAN. This can only be fully achieved by completely re-implementing both Perl 5 and Perl 6 utilizing a single common back-end platform which is itself compatible with XS, C, and C++.

Current Perl 11 projects include, but are not limited to:

- RPerl, the Optimizing Perl 5 Compiler

- cperl, the Company-Friendly Perl

- P2, the Perl 5 & Perl 6 JIT Compiler

- CPAN Butterfly Plan

- Perl 5 on MoarVM

It's taken us 30 years of Perl to get here, and we built the Internet along the way. Let's make the next 30 even more unbelievably amazing. 

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