Bologna, 11th-12th October 2012
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Italian Perl Workshop 2012 newsletter #1 - Guests, Call for Papers, Perl Course, Bologna

25/07/12 12:11 by Michele Beltrame (‎arthas‎)

Welcome to the first Italian Perl Workshop 2012 newsletter. The conference will happen on October 11th and 12th in Bologna, at the CNR Research Area. The workshop will feature talks both in Italian and English language.


We're happy to announce 2 international guests:

  • Matt Trout (mst) - Catalyst, DBIx::Class, Moo, ... developer
  • Curtis "Ovid" Poe - book author and co-author, CPAN developer, conference speaker, Perl foundation spokesman.


This year's conference theme is Perl Jubilee, to celebrate 25 years of the language. The theme is however loose, and talks not related to it are well accepted. Some interesting topics could be:

  • CPAN and related applications
  • Web application frameworks (Mojolicious, Dancer, Catalyst, ...)
  • Moose, Moo, ...
  • PSGI / Plack
  • "Modern Perl"
  • Rakudo Star application
  • Clouse services APIs (Amazon, Google, Rackspace, ...)
  • DBIx::Class, other ORMs, NOSQL, ...
  • Functional programming

Please submit your proposals here:


A basic Perl Course will be help on October 1th, 2012, the day before the workshop. The course will be in Italian language and run by Stefano Rodighiero, author of the Pocket Perl book.

The course is free, just subscribe here:


Piazza Maggiore, Torre degli Asinelli, tortellini... it's just a sample of what is waiting for you in Bologna. The city also feature a vast choice of restaurants, bars and pubs, with a nightlife among Italy's (and Europe's) most alternative and interesting.

The city has an international airport and is therefore easy and relatively cheap to reach both with flag and low-cost airlines. High speed trains also allow quick connection with Italy and Europe.

Take advantage of IPW to visit Bologna!

IPW web site:

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