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just use this link:
and follow site and client instructions.
Note: all telegram chat gatewayed into IRC channel described below and info from channel gatewayed back!


(Internet Relay Chat) Computer conferencing on the Internet.

To join in the conversation online use one of the following methods to connect to #yapc at, Port 6667

You have multiple choices to join in the fun and discussions.

0) If you don't mind ads - just use your browser! Visit and let the javascript client provided by do the rest.

1) If you have a Mac you can try
LimeChat or

2) If you are on Windows you can try
mIRC or
the irssi exe

3) If you prefer your console or you ssh to a server, try

4) If you are using Firefox you can try
the chatzilla addon

5) Pidgin is a multi-platform chat client with IRC support. Add an account on with the username you prefer (no password needed). Then Join a Chat or Add Chat with channel #yapc.

6) If you prefer to use your Android powered electronic device you can try

7) If all else fails use your browser and let another site make the connection for you

So download your favorite IRC clients, get logged in, and have some fun!

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