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1. Useful Info

Toilets are labelled toaletă or simply 'WC'. Men should look for 'B' (bărbaţi). Women’s toilets are marked with an 'F' (femei).

The electricity supply is 220 V, 50 Hz; continental plug sockets with a double round entrance are used. The video && TV system in Romania is PAL (DVD Region 2).
The measurement system in Romania is the metric system.

In addition to the landline telephone network, there are five digital mobile phone networks (GSM): Vodafone, Orange, RDS-RCS, Zapp && Telekom, The country code for Romania is 0040 or +40 (004 or +4 is not dialed when calling from inside Romania).

For emergencies (Ambulance, Police, Fire Department) use the single emergency number: 112

2. Tourist Information Centers

We have two Tourist Information Centers which provide information regarding attractions in the city && its surroundings, tourist routes, accommodation, restaurants, clubs, travel agencies, car rentals && recreation possibilities. Both centers offer free leaflets, maps and travel guides in several international languages, internet access for tourists, and cover all information a tourist might need.

Cluj-Napoca Tourist Information Center

6-8 Eroilor, Blvd., Cluj Napoca
Tel: +40 264 45 22 44

Opening hours:
Mo-Fr: 8:30 - 18:00
Sa-Su: 10:00 - 18:00

Cluj County Tourist Information Center

21, Memorandumului streer, Cluj-Napoca
tel: +40 264 45 04 10

Opening hours:
Daily: 9:00 - 17:00

3. Local Transportation

Public Transport Fare: ~ 2 Lei/Trip
Taxi Fare: base: 2.25 Lei + 2.25 Lei/km

Public transportation ( is provided by a network of trolley, bus && tram lines. It covers the entire city and the surrounding metropolitan area,

Besides public transportation, the taxi network is usually trustworthy and runs at the same (fairly low) price, no matter the company. Always ask the driver to turn on the meter though:

Taxi companies we use:

Taxi Climă & Confort - +40 264 943
Diesel Taxi - +40 264 946
Taxi Napoca - +40 264 953
Nova Taxi - +40 264 949
Daniel Taxi - +40 264 947

Taxis in Cluj are cheap, reliable and available 24 hours a day. However, watch out for some drivers at the Airport who are looking to overcharge tourists and business men alike. Airport to city centre is 20 lei or 5 euro, but they are not turning on their meters and claiming 50+ Lei or 30+ euro.

Advice is to avoid the drivers directly outside the airport terminal, who tend to hassle trying to ascertain if you are local, and take one from the others waiting respectfully too one side. Then check the meter is turned on.

Bad news:- taxis at the airport form up in-line outside the airport entrance, and you can no longer choose which taxi you'd like to take. Certain unsavoury taxi drivers will now block the front of the queue and refuse you service if you do not agree beforehand on an over-inflated fare (100+ Lei or 40+ euro to city centre). The best course of action is to order a cab by phone, then make sure they start their meters.

Some Cluj Taxis are also bookable via Smart Phone Apps -- Nova Taxis and Clever Taxi. There is supposed to be Uber (although it was only recently launched).

4. Currency

The monetary unit in Romania is the "LEU (RON)" (sg. leu, pl. lei) and the monetary subdivision is the "Ban" (sg. ban, pl. bani).

The coins in circulation are: 1, 5, 10 & 50 bani.
The banknotes in circulation are: 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 200 && 500 lei.

Exchange Rates (26.07.2016):

1 EUR- 4.46 RON
1 USD - 4.05 RON
1 GBP - 5.31 RON
100 HUF - 1.42 RON
100 JPY - 3.88 RON
1 BGN - 2.25 RON
1 RUB - 0.06 RON
1 CZK - 0.16 RON
1 UAH - 0.16 RON
1 RSD - 0.03 RON

5. Basic Romanian Expressions

Key Phrases

yes - da
no - nu
Please - Vă rog!
Thank you - Mulțumesc!
Sorry - Scuze!


Hello - Salut!
Good morning - Bună dimineața
Good afternoon - Bună ziua
Good evening - Bună seara
Good night - Noapte bună
Goodbye - La revedere


0 - zero
1- unu
2 - doi
3 - trei
4 - patru
5 - cinci
6 - șase
7 - șapte
8 - opt
9 - nouă
10 -zece
100 - o sută
1000 - o mie

Help! - Ajutor!
Police! - Poliția!
Firemen! - Pompierii!
Ambulance - Salvarea!
Call 911! - Sunați la 112!
I lost my passport - Mi-am pierdut pașaportul
Where is the Embassy? - Unde este Ambasada?

train - tren
train station - gară
airport - aeroport
bus - autobuz
bus stop - stație de autobuz
trolleybus - troleibus
bus terminal - autogară
tram - tramvai
taxi - taxi

to - la
up - sus
down - jos
here- aici
there - acolo
left - stânga
right - dreapta
forward - înainte
backward - înapoi

Where? - Unde?
When? - Când?
How? - Cum?
Why? - De ce?
How much? - Cât costă?
hot - cald
cold - rece
What time is it? - Cât e ora?
Exchange Office - Schimb valutar

Local Sites


Big Sites


Where to Eat && Drink in Cluj

A few places:

Demmers Teehaus

Discover tea as it was meant to be
Demmers Teehaus is first and foremost a tea shop, but it has come to mean a lot more to the locals that visit it regularly. The chic store is the place to go if you're a tea lover or if you want to get into tea, but it's also a perfect spot to relax in a cozy location. The shop ion Unirii Square overlooks the busiest and prettiest streets in the cozy && features a wide range of tea blends and tea accessories. And if you don't feel like shopping, you can just have a seat at one of the lovely tables and order a nice drink, while taking in the wonderful view.

If you're in a hurry or you want to take advantage of the sunny weather, they also serve their wonderful treats TO-GO. Now that summer is here, there's nothing better than a refreshing ice tea enjoyed in the lovely Unirii Square or in one of our shady parks. Demmers also sells good cakes, so don't be shy && try out as many as you can. They're well worth the calories.


Phone: +40 731 307 897
9, Unirii Sq

Euphoria Biergarten

Excellent drinks (& food) in a wonderful garden

Now that the weather is lovely, people are flocking towards our many terraces. And there's no better place to enjoy some sun or the night sky than Euphoria Biergarten, one of our favorite spots. Their huge outdoor area is cradled between two of the rivers' canals, and is full of flowers && greenery. This picturesque landscape creates the perfect atmosphere for both a few relaxing hours or a boozy night out. Speaking of booze, the beer comes in a variety of types && labels, while the fresh house beer is brought from their own microbrewery. Euphoria's wine selection is shouldn't be ignored either. With over 60 labels of bottled wine & 7 types of wine served by glass, you can basically tour the world by getting tipsy.

Also, don't miss out the cocktails. They're creative, delicious, made from top quality ingredients and change with the seasons. And there you have it: the perfect recipe for a perfect outing, full of fun & sun.

Mon-Sun: 8:00 - 3:00 am
Reservations: +40 756 393 333
25, Cardinal Iuliu Hossu street

The Lab Cocktail Bistro

This cocktail bar has cool laboratory interior design with drinks served in chemistry glassware. Try their healthy aloe vera lemonades. The food is also very good and the portions are generous. The music is chill too, vintage sounding electro swing that matches with the antique design. You should visit this place because everything they serve is very good and the design is original. If you are bored of the bars looking all the same in Cluj, you must try it. The prices are more than affordable – you get a tasty burger for 12 lei (3$).


The Lab Cocktail Bistro
Str. Avram Iancu nr. 12
Mo-Fr: 10:00-00:00
Sa: 12:00-02:00
Su: 12:00-00:00


This is a place to splurge on yourself. Good food, good drinks, wonderful atmosphere, friendly and calm. In the Summer there is a large terrace outside in the inner courtyard of the building, while in the cold season, rooms offer a warm and comfortable place for an elegant night out.
It is elegant, with an vibe of the past, but the services of the present. It's a nice place to invite someone dear out to eat. It can also serve as an excellent meeting point for business meals.

Piața Muzeului nr. 4
Mo-Su: 09:00-01:30

Joben Pub

If you like industrial – crazy looking pubs then Joben is surely the place for you. First, they have a cute robot in front of the door greeting you Hello! every time you pass in front of it. How can someone resist to that? They serve food as well but I am not able to state my opinion on that since I haven’t tried the food. But the drinks menu is interesting with a lot of original cocktails and what they call drunky coffees – more drunky than coffee.

Strada Avram Iancu 29
0720 222 800
Open 7:30AM - 1:00AM
Price Range: $$

Enigma Cafe - Kinetic Steampunk bar

Steampunk aficionados and those looking to try something different can now enjoy a tipple at what's probably the world's first kinetic steampunk bar. Based in Transylvania, the Enigma Cafe is an impressively intricate work of interior design chock full of moving clocks, cogs, and whirring machinery.

The bar is meticulously detailed in copper and brass piping, with glowing tubes, wires, and moving cogs and clocks adding to the ambiance. Typewriters, gas masks, and bulbs also feature, and the few areas of wall left bare are clad in rough brick.

Strengthening the time-travel theme, the Enigma Cafe's most creepy feature is a forlorn figure named the "time slave." Sporting a gas mask and a plasma globe instead of a brain, the slave rides a bicycle said to power the machinery.

Check out the image gallery to get a better handle on the place.

Adresă: Iuliu Maniu St 12, Cluj-Napoca
Telefon: 0752 104 642
Open:· 08–03

Toulouse Café-Brasserie

The atmosphere here just screams French. From the wood paneled walls, to the pictures and posters on the walls, from the fancy dishes, to the snobbish looking people you might come across, this place is French. It is a cool place to be while out for drinks and food with good company. In the Summer the terrace outside offers a breath of fresh air.

Come here if you are French and miss home, or if you love France and miss it. It is not certain if the waiters will speak French, but the food will speak for itself.

Piața Unirii nr. 12
Mo-Su: 08:00-04:00

Fabrica de Bere Ursus

This used to be the place where the Ursus beer was produced. The beer was an icon of the city and was associted with it. In 2007 the production moved outside the city, and the building was refurbished as a restaurant. It still mentains functional a part of the production line for local consumption.

Ursus Brewery offers good meals in a nice athmosphere. Get to see the orignal tanks for brewing, eat a steak for which beer is used to prepare it, or ask for a local beer. Enjoy your evening!

Calea Mănăștur Nr. 2-6
Mo-Su: 10:00-23:00

Samsara Foodhouse

Vegan && Vegetarian Cuisine: Vegan/Vegetarian restaurant with a nice terrace close to the Piaţa Mihai Viteazu. Delicious pizza, huge portions and very good vegan/vegetarian. Home made cocktails and good service. Good prices.

Phone +40 364 889 278
Address Stefan Ludwig Roth nr 5


Excellent venue with a great garden close to the Museum of Zoology. Great food, local specialties and great steaks on the menu in this family restaurant. Cold beer and very good staff.

Hours Mon-Fri 10:00-24:00;
Sat-Sun 12:00-24:00
Address Str Clinicilor nr.14

Osteria Del Buon Vino

At Osteria del Buon Vino we can for a few hours carry you to other lands. Whether you choose a famous Barolo wine with the scent of the Piedmontese Alps, a Chianti or Montalcino that takes you on the sunny hills of Tuscany or a Marsala wine in which you feel the wild flavors of Sicily as your journey with us can offer new unexpected sensations.


(across the street from the Cluj Tribunal)
Address: no. 7 Calea Dorobanților, Cluj-Napoca
Program: Monday – Friday: 11am – 4pm & 6pm – 11pm; Saturday: 18pm – 11pm

Reservations at:
Telephone: +40 371 153 442

Casa Boema

Gradina Boema – Restaurant, Terrace

Casa Boema is the meeting place of those who tie good will with the love of beauty. The building on nr. 34 Iuliu Maniu Street was built 180 years ago, to serve as the residence of Countess Krisztina Bethlen (Kendeffy). Later the house belonged to the Tisza, Zeik, and Hirsch families before becoming the property of the communist state, being administrated for good long time by the Culinary Arts, who also opened the summer garden. The property has since been returned to its rightful owners who have reopened it again for both locals and tourists.

Address: Iuliu Maniu Street, nr. 34
Telephone: 0734 414 414

Indigo Restaurant

Our vision – the ideal state of affairs that we want to achieve. We are determined to become real ambassadors of Indian cuisine, and also the first choice in terms of casual Indian restaurants in Cluj-Napoca. We want to build strong relationships, providing quality services to our guests in an environment conducive to the development…


Telephone: 0364-142-306; 0740-910-688
Fax: 0364-142-812
Our restaurant is open between the hours of 12-23:30.
For orders and reservations please contact us at :

Nuka Bistro

Union Square, until you get to the core, get 5 bars and several terraces. Then stop in front of a place March doors wide open and that flows out of a waltz electric heated in a warm and golden light. Nuka Bistro puts his hand on the heart and heart on the table: here you will find always received with friendship and a reason to stay longer than you planned. You might want to read the books on display, you'll be tempted by the Hardeners coffee in town, a rose noble, impeccably presented next to a plate of something you've never tasted childhood dream you next to a bowl of milk, poultry or you become friends with someone of the house. Welcome. And well you recover.

Address: Piata Unirii Nr. 16, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Location: Europe > Romania > Transylvania > Northwest Romania > Cluj County > Cluj-Napoca
Phone Number: 0742 687 769


Meron Coffee is a small and cozy coffee shop just 2 minutes away from Unirii Square, the heart of Cluj. The coffee shops has a modern look but with some retro influences. Meron is located on Napoca Street and it will take you only 5 minutes to reach it from the bus station.


Strada Napoca 3, Cluj-Napoca
400000, Romania


It’s easy to find Roots on Eroilor Street. It is 2 minutes away from Union Square (Piata Unirii) and 5 minutes away from the bus station.

Being such a small place, it’s comfortable and cozy, yet on crowded mornings you might feel you’ve overstayed and it’s time for you to let others enjoy the place. Mornings are sprinkled with coffee and pastry smells, while during evenings Roots becomes a genuine wine bar. It’s a pity to stretch your brains on a such relaxing time of the day, so don’t even attempt to do so.

Bulevardul Eroilor 4, Cluj-Napoca
400000, Romania

Olivo Caffee

Near the main city square of Cluj in the middle of the shopping street you have to look carefully not to miss it. Small coffee house with jazz music and warm traditional interior. Coffee lovers place to be in Cluj.

Eroilor 7, Cluj-Napoca 400129,
Tel: +40732331099

'&& lots && lots of amazing places. Cluj has a lot to offer. Here's a bonus mini-guide, including a map of Cluj: Cluj Guide July-August

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