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Some advice from the locals

Please check first Visiting the Alhambra. Book your tickets as soon as possible or you'll be left with the worst (hottest) part of the day or with guided-visit (much more expensive) option.

Some things to check

First, Granada is well covered by the usual touristic guides that tell you about the "big five": Alhambra, Albayzin, Cathedral, Cartuja and Sacromonte.

The rest will, eventually, be covered by this book, Granada Off but it's not right now. So meanwhile you might be interested in

  • Doing a graffiti tour JJ created and this this one, and if there's enough interest, he can do it Sept 4th or 5th. Price: drinks after the tour are on you. Sign here with your name if you're interested.
  • Lorca route
  • Segway/Electric Bike tour (and other specials)

A few words of advice

  • Never order sangrĂ­a: Or paella. If you like your rice well cooked and locally sourced, please ask the local organizers for advice.
  • Do the tapas crawl.
  • Bars around the YAPC site are cheaper and have more abundant food that those in the city center. Avoid when possible the touristic area, it's going to be crowded and things might be a bit more expensive.
  • Check Ganivet street, in the city center, for gastrobars and excellent foodie tapas, that, as usual, go with the food.
  • Remember that, even in most restaurants, the first drink goes with a tapa. Sometimes the second, if you've already ordered food, does not, but it depends on the place. In many places just order beers and tapa will be enough.

Do you want something special? Want to organize a group? Would want to visit something?

Just tell it down here, or ask the organization. We'll be happy to help.