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DK Hostmaster has a number of parking spaces marked out, in front of the building. You'll need to put a 'One-day Parking License' visibly inside your car to avoid getting a parking ticket. This license can be had from the organizers at the venue.


Copenhagen Perl Mongers are also represented on Facebook, join our group if Facebook is your thing.


The 2013 Nordic Perl Workshop is also on Lanyrd

Pre-workshop social on Friday

Peter Makholm (‎brother‎) suggests Fermatoren. Let's meet up there! </Salve J. Nilsen (‎sjn‎)>
(Liz & Wendy & Jonathan will be there too)

* Fermatoren (Ratebeer link w/map)

Social Event Saturday

We have booked a room at Cafe Langebro, which is fairly close to the venue Saturday at around 19:30.

* Cafe Langebro (Ratebeer link w/map)

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Sponsors & Partners

Thanks to our sponsors and partners for making the workshop possible:

The Nordic Perl Workshop has a long tradition of being hosted between the Nordic Countries and cities, by local monger groups in happy collaboration. A list of previous workshops is available at:

The Nordic Perl Workshop 2013 is hosted by DK Hostmaster A/S

Dinner is sponsored by - The Perl 6 Developers Community

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