Name   Mr. Mike Whitaker (‎Penfold‎)
City   Peterborough
Country   United Kingdom
Perl mongers group
Company   LOVEFiLM
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Perlmonks id   Penfold
IM   tuxservers
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Mike Whitaker is a Perl developer working for LOVEFiLM, and a founder board member of Enlightened Perl. He has an MA in Computer Science from Cambridge University, England, and in the past he's also ported a CAD/CAM modeller to various Unix platforms (including one of the first HP PA2-RISC machines in the world), worked as postmaster at the UK's largest ISP, sworn at the Y! Euro News codebase, written the backend for the Perplexcity puzzle card game (in Perl, naturally) and developed the web infrastructure for the world's largest single-sport website, CricInfo.

In his spare time he writes novels, takes photographs, runs a small recording studio, plays guitar and sings in a Fleetwood Mac tribute band, manages an IRC network and the odd Science Fiction convention. He's married to a computer-literate, cricket-loving, keyboard-playing veterinary surgeon, with whom he has a 11 year old son and a variable number of cats (currently 3 1/2).
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