Name   Barbie
City   Birmingham
Country   United Kingdom
Perl mongers group
Company   Miss Barbell Productions
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Perlmonks id   barbie
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Founder, Leader and Director of Birmingham Perl Mongers, a CPAN Author, a professional lighting engineer and general roadie, a father of 2 and a player of games. Began coding Perl in 1999, using it for a variety of applications. Heavily involved with CPAN Testers between 2004-2016, and now run the Conference Surveys website. A speaker at many international technical conferences and workshops, together with presentations to numerous Perl and Linux user groups.

A software architect, herder of Perl developers for a global domain & hosting company, webadmin for the Conference Surveys websites, general Perl ligger and sometimes roadie for my family of musicians.

Was an co-organiser for the 2006 YAPC::Europe Perl Conference and the 2009 QA Hackathon, both in Birmingham, UK, an ex-member of the YAPC::Europe Foundation Venue Committee and currently writing a book on how to organise a YAPC Conference.
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