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About the German Perl/Raku Workshop conference 2023

The German Perl/Raku Workshop is an Open Source conference for everyone.

The 2023 workshop will be held in Frankfurt from the 27.2.2023 to the 1.3.2023.

Please observe the Code of Conduct.

Most of the talks will be held in German, German talks will have English slides at least. English talks are welcome as well.

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Recordings of the German Perl Workshop 2023 in Frankfurt are online

Hi everybody,

after a long time of work, the videos are finally available on Youtube. 20 presentations with a total of 14 hours of airtime review the three days of the workshop and you can watch the things you missed on site.

We would especially like to thank Lee Johnson, who made the recordings, and the presenters, of course, without whom the workshop would not have taken place. The support from our sponsors helps us make the workshop take place.

united-domains Renée Bäcker
Geizhals Preisvergleich

The recordings of the German Perl Workshop 2023 are organised in the order of the day in a playlist available at gpw2023.

We are planning the German Perl Workshop 2024 again and are already in the final negotiations. As soon as we have a place and date fixed, we will update this post and also make a separate announcement.

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T-Shirts have arrived

Yay! It's always great to have physical stuff arrive!

See you on Monday!

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