Goodbye screen, hello tmux!,

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TMux is a Terminal Multiplexer, like GNU screen.
About three years ago I switched from screen to tmux, because I find it easier and it seems to have more features I need.

It can make your development much more efficient than just using some tabbed terminal manager.

tmux has windows, which can be seen as tabs, and inside a window you can have several "panes".

You can rearrange, resize, zoom in a pane, copy&paste, search, synchronize, move a pane from one window to another, share sessions. All with your keyboard! It is highly configurable and scriptable.

Like screen, it is also perfect for programming on a remote machine.

For remote pair programming, there is also tmate, which is a fork of tmux.

There's not enough time to do a comparison with screen, so I'll just show you the features that I find awesome. There is lots of documentation and cheat sheets out there.

As a result of preparing this talk I have started:
a little tutorial <>
and a perlbrew/plenv/... utility <> 

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