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Ovid's text-MMORPG written in Perl

In the text MMORPG market, there's a lot of activity, but most games are, well, dull. They're written quickly and usually fantasy- or crime-based. Text Sci-Fi MMOs are almost always strategy based.

Veure is an attempt to create a science fiction text MMORPG written in Perl. Work is progressing well and this BOF will be about showing people the latest feature of the MMORPG, how it's being created, and maybe even show you some previews of new features that haven't been publicly shared.

Veure will be a free MMORPG with donations giving players a slight in-game advantage. For those familiar with the genre: there will be no level caps or other restrictions for free players.

We're trying to bring the richness of graphic MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft or Eve Online to text MMORPGs. We hope to have an invite-only ALPHA ready by the end of 2015. If you show up to the BOF and want to be on the list, you'll automatically be added.

Note: this BOF is not just showing what's going on. I'll also want your ideas and suggestions. You have a chance to have an impact on a new MMORPG.