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 '''Welcome to YAPC::Europe 2015's wiki...  We thank you all for coming here and see you in Cluj!'''
+The conference is over now. What is written below has been left for historical purposes, but you might be more interested now in:
+    * [Blogs and Videos]
+    * [Photos]
+    *[|Proceedings], where you can download the slides for the talks, if there is a link below the title of the talk.
 == Contact ==
 You can contact the organizers ( or via IRC #yapceu at with suggestions, requests, questions and kudos. 
     * [About]
     * [Organizers]
-    * [Blogs and Videos]
-    * [Photos]
 == Venue ==
     * Remember: our conference will be held in the [|Faculty of Sciences (''Facultad de Ciencias'')]. We have [|a whole page dedicated to the venue].