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YAPC::EU 2014 action needed!

17/08/14 12:55 by osfameron

As the conference date approaches, Marian has emailed everybody with some last-minute information and requested actions. If you've signed up, please check your inboxes! Or read this item:

My name is Marian and as the organizer of YAPC::EU 2014 I have to ask you for some help :)


First of all, please log into your accounts on the YAPC::EU page and choose your t-shirt size.

Food requirements

Second, for everyone that eats vegetarian/vegan food, please type your nick or name(from the YAPC site) here.

Tourist trips for attendees, friends, and families

For the trips, the company needs to know the expected people that want to go to any of the trips.

So do sign up if you or your significant other want to go to any of the trips:

Last minute tickets

About last minute tickets. You can pay your entrance fee at the registration desk, but:

  • I can not give you an invoice or receipt
  • I can not guarantee that we will have change to give back
  • If you have done a last minute bank transfer to OpenProjects Foundation or YEF, bring the bank documents with you.

Student tickets

For everyone that have tickets that require student card or nationality, please bring your documents with you.

Travel paper stamps

At the registration desk we will have a stamp for everyone that needs a stamp on their travel papers.

Volunteers needed!

Also, I need help, I need volunteers for heralding in the halls, manning the cameras and helping at the registration desk.

Beer meeting

The email also asked you to sign up to the pre-conference beer meeting. Apparently ACT won't let you do that. Don't worry - we'll try to fix that, and send more information about the meeting soon!

Any other questions

Check out how to keep informed and get in touch if you have any questions!