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Length of talks

18/07/14 10:00 by osfameron

If you've submitted a talk and had it accepted, please check on the conference website for your talk (there is a link via your personal page) to see what time slot it will be! In some cases, we have had to change the time you suggested. All talks will be either:

20 minute slots

Most talks will be 20 minutes. This is a great length to introduce a subject, without getting bogged down in too much detail.

50 minute slots

Some topics need more time to really go into them in detail. If you requested a 40 or 60 minute talk, then you will have a 50 minute time slot. DON'T PANIC if your talk is only 40 minutes! You will simply have more time for questions, discussion, or a coffee break afterwards.

Lightning Talks (1 hour slot)

The lightning talks are each 5 minutes long.