If you plan to visit YAPC::EU 2012 by car, please consider that Frankfurt am Main has a Low-emission zone, also described at the official website of Frankfurt am Main Home > Tourism > Getting here & travelling around > Car.

The zone includes the area surrounded by the highway ring, highways excluded. To enter the zone you MUST have a green badge on the front window of your car, otherwise you'll get a ticket of 40 EUR! The yellow and red ones are not sufficient for Frankfurt. The badge is valid in whole Germany in low emission zones with the adequate color. Which town/region a low emission zone has, and which color you need, is listed in the German version of the Wikipedia article mentioned above-

Where to get the bade? Qute from the website of Frankfurt:
The badges can be obtained at all recognised test centres, at garages authorised to carry out emissions checks and vehicle registration authorities. The badges may also be obtained at Frankfurt municipal offices (see link opposite).

If you want to get the badge from the municipal offices, you are alredy inside the zone (as far as I know), without a badge -> 40 EUR ticket! This means, get it before you'll enter Frankfurt. Municipal offices of every other German city can sell them as well. If you get it at a municipal office, "TÜV", "GTÜ", "KÜS" or "DEKRA", you'll get it for 7 EUR (as far as i know), if you'll get it at a garage, the price may differ.

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